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Fridgebag Backpack

Fridgebag Backpack

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  • The most beautiful and sustainable gift to give and receive
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  • Water donation with every sustainable Retulp bottle sold
  • Active action against disposable plastic

Fridgebags, from fridge to cooler bag

The world’s first fridgebags made from refrigerators! A refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. Beautiful fridge cooler bags are made of that! You may not often think about it, but a refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. The holders in the door, handles, freezer compartment, etc. When a refrigerator breaks, a lot of plastic ends up in the garbage dump. This is now a thing of the past.


The Fridgebag cooler bag line is the perfect example of this. In addition, both the lunch bag and the backpack are provided with a care label with QR code where you can see the blockchain and the environmental report of these bags. So that is literally a bag with a sustainable and transparent story!


Fridgeback Backpack

The Fridge backpack keeps your products cool for a long time. The large opening makes it easy to put in and take out your lunch box or drinks. It has a rectangular shape and a large capacity, making it ideal for standard packaging or lunch boxes.

The Fridge backpack is handy and suitable for many situations, take the cooler bag to the beach, park, swimming pool, on the boat or to the campsite! Use the cool bag for your fresh sandwiches, snacks, drinks and keep it cool for up to 10 hours! The Fridge backpack is easy to fold when not in use so that it takes up minimal space.



  •       Made of old refrigerators
  •       Up to 10 hours cool
  •       Foldable
  •       Large load-carrying capacity
  •       100% RPP-non woven
  •       Sustainable material 
  •       Backpack
  •       32,5 x 25,5 x 17 cm
  •       14 litre
  •       Grey
  •       Blockchain technology on carelabel
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Sustainable Cooler Bag


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