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Fridgebag Lunchbag

Fridgebags, from fridge to cooler bag

The world’s first fridgebags made from refrigerators! A refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. Beautiful fridge cooler bags are made of that! You may not often think about it, but a refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. The holders in the door, handles, freezer compartment, etc. When a refrigerator breaks, a lot of plastic ends up in the garbage dump. This is now a thing of the past.


The Fridgebag cooler bag line is the perfect example of this. In addition, both the lunch bag and the backpack are provided with a care label with QR code where you can see the blockchain and the environmental report of these bags. So that is literally a bag with a sustainable and transparent story!


Fridge Lunchbag

The Fridge lunchbag keeps your products cool for a long time. The lunch bag has an insulated interior. And in is removable with a damp cloth. The Velcro closure ensures that it is easy to reuse. The Fridge lunchbag is the perfect size for a tasty lunch. And fits in most school bags or laptop bag. The Fridge lunch bag is the perfect solution for single use plastics. Replace the daily sandwich bags with a Fridge lunchbag, so you do yourself, someone else and the planet a favor.





  •       Made of old refrigerators
  •       Up to 10 hours cool
  •       Foldable
  •       Sustainable Material 
  •       100% RPP-non woven
  •       Ideal format for lunch
  •       29 x 23 x 14 cm
  •       9 litre
  •       Grey
  •       Blockchain technology on carelabel
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Sustainable cooler bag
Picture of Fridgebag Lunchbag
Fridgebag Lunchbag Fridgebag Lunchbag
Price (incl. VAT)
Minimum 1 pieces
€8.95 p/pc