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Lunch to go

Taking your lunch in plastic bags or silver foil is anything but sustainable. On average, a family in the Netherlands consumes at least one loaf of bread per day. This means that an average of 1400 plastic bags per family is used annually. If you take a simple calculation from almost 5 million households in the Netherlands, you can see that about 7 billion sandwich bags are used every year. Retulp is a once-outrageous! That is why we are committed to trendy, sustainable lunch products that ensure that these single-use products are prevented. Besides, for every Retulp lunch-to-go sold, a tree is planted. In this way, you reduce your impact on climate change even more.

Retulp lunchtrommel bamboo wit korte zijde_logo
Price (incl. VAT)
Minimum 1 pieces
€23.95 p/pc
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Price (incl. VAT)
Minimum 1 pieces
€32.95 p/pc