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Retulp Bambu thermos cup - 250ml

In this trendy Tumbler Bamboo thermos cup, your drinks stay hot for up to 8 hours and up to 12 hours ice cold. This thermos cup is BPA free, leak-proof and beautifully designed. If you travel a lot, both privately and for work, it is good and sensible to drink enough. Many people do that, but unfortunately, collectively produce a significant amount of plastic waste. This plastic is increasingly finding its way into almost every ecosystem and causing great damage to it. Turn the tide and now only use sustainable products. This travel cup has a capacity of 250 ml and is made of stainless steel. However, the steel for this thermos is not newly extracted but comes from recycled steel. The bamboo casing gives the bottle a beautifully sturdy, natural look.


  • Thermos cup BPA and leak proof
  • The bottle fits in the cupholder of your car and has an ergonomic design
  • The handy size of 250 ml with a drinking cap
Retulp Bamboo Thermosbeker TT201
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€34.95 p/pc