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Retulp Tumbler thermos cup - 300ml

The Retulp Tumbler Thermos Cup is an elegant thermos in a handy and compact size. This travel cup has a capacity of 300 ml and is double-walled for an excellent temperature insulating effect. The Retulp Tumbler thermos cup is available in 14 different colors.

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The Retulp Tumbler Thermos Cup is an elegant thermos in a handy and compact size. The bottle is easy to take with you, for example to work or on the go. The tea strainer is useful if you want to add tea, herbs or fruit. For example, put hot water and tea or ginger in the Tumbler and then place the strainer, so that the tea leaves or herbs remain in the Tumbler thermos. The same can easily be done with cold water and fruit.

  • This travel cup has a capacity of 300 ml and is double-walled for an excellent temperature insulating effect.
  • The easy-to-tighten cap contains a separate tea filter.
  • This thermos jug is made of high-quality and recycled steel that is processed as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Thanks to the insulating effect of this double-walled travel cup, your hot drinks stay warm minimal 6 hours and cold drinks like smoothies stay cold for 8 hours.
  • This tastefully designed thermos comes in several trendy colorways.



  • Beautiful insulating cup, easy to carry
  • Keeps coffee, tea or soup warm for 6 hours and cold for 8 hours
  • Fits in most cup holders (also in the car)
  • With handy removable tea filter, for example for ginger tea.
  • Bpa and poison-free
  • Packed plastic-free
  • Durable and durable
  • Dutch design
Manufacturer: Retulp
Single or double walled
Individual product packaging
Yes, cardboard box
Stainless steel
Bottle dimensions
Ø 70 x 175 mm

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Retulp’s Tumbler is makkelijk schoon te maken vanwege de grote opening. Door de isolatielaag adviseren wij om de Tumbler enkel met de hand af te wassen. Bekijk hier de tips hoe de fles schoon te maken.

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