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Reusable face masks

Remask is a part of Retulp. Remask was founded with the goal of reducing the use of disposable masks by offering alternatives. Our reusable face masks reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the oceans.

Face masks have become a new source of waste. They increasingly end up on the streets and in nature. This is happening all over the world. By offering reusable and washable face masks, we are reducing this waste problem. In addition, for every face mask sold, we make sure that someone in care is helped by donations to virus foundations. The face masks are not only good for you and the planet, but also for someone else.

Over one kilo of waste from the ocean!

Besides preventing single-use face masks and thus litter, Retulp also wants to contribute to cleaning this up. We are proud partner of the charity club Kakatua. For every face mask sold, more than a kilo of plastic will be collected from the rivers by means of floating arms, in order to prevent the plastic from entering our oceans. By purchasing a Remask face mask, you are not only helping to prevent single-use waste, but you are also ensuring that more than one kilo of waste in problem countries does not float into our oceans. A win-win situation!

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€8.99 p/pc
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100 pieces
€3.99 p/pc
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€22.95 p/pc
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€22.95 p/pc

Reusable face masks

Are you looking for reusable face masks? At Remask you will find face masks that minimise the risk of contamination for yourself and others. The advantage of Remask face masks is that they are reusable. Disposable face masks unfortunately often end up in nature, all over the world. With reusable face masks, this waste problem is prevented. The soft cotton mask can be washed after each use. In addition, this non-medical mouth mask offers a comfortable fit that is perfect for everyday use. View the offer below!

ECO face masks

Remask's face masks are available in different variants. The reusable masks are made of soft cotton or Exotex and are available with or without an iron nose clip. Exotex is a material made from 100% recycled textile waste from old, unwanted fabrics. The fabric face mask can be washed at 60 degrees after each use. By using reusable face masks, you prevent contamination. In addition, you save 26,000 litres of water per kilo of cotton with Exotex face masks.

Product information

Are you looking for product specific information? Would you like to know, for example, at what temperature you should wash the mask or what the size of the reusable mask is? Take a look at the product information of the mask of your choice. You can find all the important specifications here. So you know exactly what you can expect from the masks.

Order reusable face masks

Do you prefer reusable face masks over disposable ones? Place the desired masks in your shopping basket. After we have received your order, it takes about two working days before you receive the reusable mouth masks. Do you have any questions about this product or our service prior to ordering? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to inform you about our reusable face masks.