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Rainbow package

With the discount packages from Retulp you buy several bottles for a lower price.

Retulp Tumbler Rainbow package:
-1x Tumbler Teal Green (t.w.v. €28,95,-)
-1x Tumbler Ocean Blue (t.w.v. €28,95,-)
-1x Tumbler Happy Yellow (t.w.v. €28,95,-)
-1x Tumbler Champagne Pink (t.w.v. €28,95,-)
-1x Tumbler Ruby Red (t.w.v. €28,95,-)


•Made of recycled stainless steel
•Hot drinks will stay 8 hours hot
•Cold drinks will stay 8 hours cold
•Designed in the Netherlands
•BPA and toxin free
•Easy to clean

If you travel al lot, for private or for work, it's important and wise to drink enough. A lot of people are doing that, but  produce unfortunataly togheter a lot of plastic waste. This plastic finds more and more a way to every ecosystem and caused a lot of damage. Retulp is commited to get a better en cleaner planet. They do this by selling beautifull products. With every sold bottle Retulp donates 1000x the contant clean drinkwater to third World countries. Because you are using your bottle often times you reduce the use of plastic. That's why the Retulp Tumbler is a gift for yourself, for someone else and the planet.

Picture of Rainbow package
Rainbow package Rainbow package
Price (incl. VAT)
€144.75 €99.00
Minimum 1 pieces
€99.00 p/pc